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Today we kicked off Disclosing Futures – Rethinking Heritage! ⁠
We look back on an inspiring first day. Thank you all for joining us! ⁠

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Vanmiddag een kleine update geschreven over PubHubs - het initiatief voor een alternatief social media platform van hoogleraren Bart Jacobs en José van Dijck, samen met @publicspaces :

I like how on Mastodon the racists, trolls, misogynists, and right wing conspiracy theorists helpfully cluster themselves on servers together. When one hops in your mentions, a simple domain block stops them all with one tap.

Twee realistische manieren om dit te 'verhelpen': mastodon social wordt de belangrijkste instance waarmee het de facto weer een gecentraliseerd platform wordt (slecht), of iedere publieke persoon heeft een officiële, besloten instance van zijn organisatie. dus,, (goed)

So, which Dutch cultural organisations have embraced Mastodon yet? There is @publicspaces of course, who else?

Now online! Introducing Zips to Architectural Design Practice, an essay on the applications and popularity of this material. Curator Ellen Smit examines Zips in the National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning that we manage.

Lies Ros’ archive is part Archives at Risk, a presentation by Network Archives Design and Digital Culture at Dutch Design Week, which is on view until this Sunday. Visit the presentation at Microlab Hall from 22-30 October. ⁠

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We believe in a more social, egalitarian, democratic and non-extractivist digital public sphere, where our content, relationships and personal data are not merely fuel for the profit engines of megacorporations and billionaires.

Trying out Mastodon today – and using our resources to run a server where others can create an account as well – seems like a step in the right direction. But please consider this a pilot project :-)

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*testing, testing*

*microphone feedback sounds*

We are now live at our very own Mastodon instance. It's a good step on our journey towards a more inclusive and democratic internet.

Het Nieuwe Instituut is a testing ground for new designs and infrastructures. Consider this as a beta.


A Mastodon server run by Het Nieuwe Instituut, museum for Architecture, Design & Digital Culture